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SafetyNet Online

Your Safety Program in the Palm of every Employees Hands

Companies need to ensure the safety of workers and customers on and around job sites. Combined with increasing legislation and regulation, ensuring risk is mitigated and compliance standards are met is becoming increasingly complex and difficult.

How SafetyNet Online can be your Solution

SafetyNet allows your company to build and manage your Safety Program online and grow with your changing business and government regulations and legislation. SafetyNet online web site can:

SafetyNet Online secret weapon

SafetyNet Online offers its customers a completely FREE smartphone application of both the Android and Apple (IOS) related devices, which puts your entire safety program into the hands of your employees.

As an employer, if you are looking for an affordable and easy to navigate, safety solution with a revolutionary smartphone application, please contact us at for a free one month free trail or create your own company account Create Account.

SafetyNet Online for Smartphones

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